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Coming Soon

Fans of Bridgerton and Game of Thrones will love this brand new dark fantasy romance.

The guards arrive at my humble cottage with a ridiculous offer: Come to an exclusive and mysterious isle to compete for the hand of a royal husband.

Enjoy a week of glittering balls, dancing, ostentatious wealth…and a royal hunt.

All I have to do is to get rejected by a prince, and I’ll be sent home with a pot of money.

My father tells me it’s dangerous. He begs me not to go. But I'd do anything for him, I could change our lives with this money.

But when I arrive on the Roaring Isle, I meet the royals who ordered this marriage market. But there’s no prince charming here. These men are monsters.




In the dark and treacherous wilderness, they are the hunters and me and the other would be royal wives… we’re the prey.

Not all of us will survive a hunt so wicked.

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