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 Who doesn’t love a foul mouthed female who can kick ass?

Port Black - a dark and sinister city abandoned to The Exiled, a gang of unhinged and psychotic demons who have claimed it as their own.

And it just so happens to be the location of my first solo mission.

As a trained agent of Montague Industries, it’s my job to keep innocents safe. The Exiled are a threat that needs to be neutralized, and I’m ready for battle.

With an invitation to their depraved nightclub in hand, a leather corset wrapped around my torso and a mask complete with tall bunny ears, these demons aren’t going to be able to resist me. The only problem? I wasn’t expecting their brand of insanity to be so… exasperatingly delicious.

I might look like a snack to these males - who have been apex predators for far too long - but I assure you, I’m nobody’s prey. I’m going to expose the demons of Port Black, and then?

Then they will beg for mercy that will never come.

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